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*The Weird 3-Step Process That’s Currently Getting 200+ Zoom High-Net-Worth Retirement Planning Consultations A Week

(Without spamming on LinkedIn, Radio, TV, buying leads, cold calling, cold emailing, webinars, seminars, or chasing leads…)



How It Works

Precision-engineered Facebook Video Ads

We deploy meticulously crafted video ads on Facebook and Instagram, pinpointing a demographic primed for retirement planning: individuals aged 55-75. Our strategy hinges on a proprietary database – a treasure trove of 10,000+ meticulously qualified leads. By harnessing Facebook/Meta’s sophisticated algorithms.

This laser-focused approach ensures every penny of your budget is an investment in reaching potential clients who truly resonate with your message. You are the maestro of your message. We provide a proven script; you infuse it with authenticity. Our team then polishes and propels your video into the limelight, ensuring it’s not just seen, but felt and acted upon.

The stakes are high. An off-target script or audience isn’t just inefficient – it’s a multi-million dollar misstep.

Our expertise, encapsulated in our copyrighted video scripts, is your safeguard against this risk. These scripts aren’t just compliant and holistic; they’re educational masterpieces designed to convert curiosity into action, guiding prospects to click that all-important “learn more” button.

The Blackbox Video Revelation

Engagement is just the beginning. The click leads to our Blackbox Video – a 10-minute powerhouse of pure, fluff-free knowledge. This isn’t just a video; it’s a condensed seminar, a distillation of essential insights into retirement planning strategies like sequence returns and bucketing.

The wrong word choice here could mean a loss of potential engagements, a dip in show rates, and a missed opportunity to connect with high-value clients. That’s where our meticulously crafted script comes in – a blueprint you bring to life, backed by our editing prowess and presented on a conversion-optimized, copyright-protected landing page.

The Qualifying Calendar: Your Gateway to High-caliber Consultations

Attraction, not pursuit, is the essence of our Qualifying Calendar. Prospects are seamlessly transitioned to your advisors’ online scheduling portal, where they handpick their consultation slot – a feature deliberately capped at a week to heighten commitment and anticipation.

Prior to securing their spot, prospects affirm their investment capacity, ensuring that your advisors’ calendars are reserved for genuine, high-potential consultations. Our system doesn’t just promise; it delivers, boasting a staggering 60% initial consultation attendance rate, courtesy of our meticulously engineered reminder sequence.

With this robust, copyright-protected framework, you’re not just acquiring a service; you’re licensing a proven, high-performance client acquisition engine. It’s more than a method; it’s a transformation, catapulting your advisory prowess to unprecedented heights and redefining your assets under management and fixed-index annuity acquisition strategy. Welcome to the future of financial consulting excellence.


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I Am Alex Khassa, The Visionary At The Helm Of Clients Blackbox.

In the brief span of three years, my team and I have steered an extraordinary $5 billion into the investment pipelines of retirement planning firms, mirroring the caliber and ambition of your esteemed enterprise.

My Journey Unfolds Like This:

In the transformative year of 2020, I embarked on a venture with three financial advisors, serving as their digital marketing architect. Serendipity struck when a campaign I orchestrated delivered a staggering 10:1 ROI within a mere quarter. 

That moment sparked a revelation: I was onto something monumental. Thus, Clients Blackbox was born. Fast forward three years, and what began as a marketing alliance has evolved into a linchpin for prosperity.

The $3 Million Per Month Per Advisor Model

In essence, we’ve crafted a model that opens the door for each of our partnering firms to consistently generate $3 million in new assets monthly for every advisor on their team.


3 key findings we’ve discovered after years of spending millions on ads for hybrid RIAs just like yours

Every $10,000 we spend on ads using our pattern brings in $1 million of annuity business and $1 million of AUM ($2m total assets).

$15,000 of ad spend brings about 50 booked appointments, which is maximum capacity per advisor.

$15,000 of ad spend per month, every month, brings in $1.5m AUM + $1.5M FIA = $3M per month in new assets (About $160k of new revenue from a $15k ad spend budget. This doesn’t include Blackbox’s cost which we’ll cover in a moment…)

Multiply that by 30 advisors, that’s $3 million x 30 = $90 million/month in net new assets with a team of 30!


Why only seven companies? Because we would rather work with fewer companies, and drive more meaningful growth for each of them, and help 2x – 10x their revenue in 2-3 years, and we all win that way.

To Qualify For This Time-Limited Exclusive Opportunity, Here Are The 4 Requirements:

You’re the CEO / decision maker over 30 or more W2 full-time financial advisors whom you have full control of their calendars and marketing spend

Your firm is a retirement planning focused hybrid RIA that has a split of approximately 50/50 or 60/40 FIA to AUM ratio (if you’re 20% FIA , 80% AUM, it might be difficult to make this work)

Your advisors are comfortable with selling virtually over zoom to clients outside your state. OR you’re comfortable with developing that virtual sales process as we go.

You will bring on at least 5 advisors with their calendars fully available to this campaign for at least 3 months to get started… and you’re open to bringing on 30+ advisors on this model as it proves successful for your firm…

If you don’t meet all of the 4 criteria, that’s not a problem. We have a more suitable option for you.
Click here to check out our partner program which is more suitable for smaller firms.

If you meet all 4 criteria…

Congratulations! You qualify for the next step….

Witness Our Excellence:

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Testimonials from Our Esteemed Clients


Book your Free Breakthrough Marketing Consultation us. On this short call, we’ll meet each other and we’ll walk you through how we can customize our process to your unique situation and goals. This consultation is worth $500, but it’s free to qualifying CEOs only.

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