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How to get more clients | Financial advisors

Book #1 is Positioning by Al Ries. This book came out in the 80s. It really talks about how the marketplace is so noisy that you don’t have the luxury of taking your time to deliver your message.

Back in the day, you could get somebody’s attention for 5 minutes, an hour, no problem because they didn’t have distractions. They didn’t have TikTok, they didn’t have social media, they didn’t have so many ads coming their way through billboards, through social media, from their computers, their phones, their tablets, through different things happening in life.

The world this is moving at a faster pace. While this was true in the 80s, right now in 2023 it’s true even more. You can imagine how more relevant this book will be.

The solution to this is when it comes to marketing, you don’t necessarily want to take your time communicating your message you want to find the position that you want to take in the market.


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